What is a credit?

To use Fusion Chat service you will need to have credits in you account. Credits are deducted as per your usage when you interact with Fusion Chat. Credits have 1 month expiry unless otherwise specified.

What can 1 Credit do?

  • 1 Credit = approximately 1 Search Engine Query
  • 1 Credit = approximately 100 words generated by the document composer

1 Credit in detail

Credit usage is based on amount of words you give to Fusion Chat (User Input Words) and how much it generates as a result of your request (Fusion Chat Words). The formula is as follows:

100 words ~ 1 credit

Credits Used = [User Input Words + Fusion Chat Words] / 100

This formula applies everywhere that includes if you are using Fusion Chat on a search engine, the helper popup or the Document Composer

Assuming Fusion Chat responds for every search engine query with 100 words (which is alot). This means that if you have 1000 credits in your account, you can use Fusion Chat to do a Search Engine Query approximately 1000 times or more in month on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Or generate a maximum of 100,000 words in a month using the document composer feature.

Also as a result of this longer conversations will consume more credits than shorter ones. That is if you have longer chat history with Fusion Chat, each subsequent chat message will consume more credits than the previous one, as it includes the entire chat history as your User Input Words

You can use the Trash Icon to start a new chat history, which will reduce the amount of credits spent